Bitcoin’s price has crossed over $1,000 once again.

After rising to a high of $1,242 in November of 2013, Bitcoin’s price then receded down over the following years to start 2016 at around $435. It quickly rose to $789 in mid June but again settled back in around $600 until spiking in November. That spike has since led to a steady rise leaving the price just shy of $1,000 until today.

While Bitcoin’s price was unable to pass the $1,000 mark in 2016, it quickly changed things by crossing over the barrier on the first day of trading in 2017. This leads many to question, “What’s next for the price after doubling throughout 2016?” Can we see bitcoin’s price end 2016 by passing $2,000 or will it once again plummet below the $1,000 price?