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Author: Inside Bitcoins

The Crypto Show: Trace Mayer & Eijah Of DemonSaw 4 Live From DefCon 25

On tonight’s episode of “The Crypto Show,” we talk with Eric J. Anderson, a.k.a., “Eijah,” about his ongoing “Demonsaw” project that he has made open-source and is retiring. We talk about his latest project Titan, and the launch party he is cohosting during Defcon on July 27th. (Additional Eijah audio from that launch party will… View Article

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The SEC Speaks On Tokens

Yesterday the SEC issued a report of investigation finding that DAO Tokens are securities under U.S. law. This report sent shock waves across the crypto sector leading to roughly 10% declines in the major cryptocurrencies. I must have received a dozen or more emails from people saying that “ICOs are over.” I don’t think ICOs… View Article

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Blockchain in Capital Markets: What Has Been Done So Far

The success of blockchain, the technology underlying Bitcoin, has grown each year as angel investors, VCs and banks continue to inject millions in investments to fuel the development of systems based on blockchain, attracted by the technology’s potential to streamline processes, cut out intermediaries and significantly reduce operational costs across various industries. Around the world,… View Article

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BIP 91 Activation Awaits, Parity Hackers Bag $32 Million in Ether: BTCManager’s Week in Review July 24

The much anticipated SegWit implementation could be one step closer to reality by the second week of August now that BIP 91 has been signaled by over the 80 percent of hash power needed to lock it in, which means that the Bitcoin blockchain will soon be optimized by 75 percent. Transactions will become cheaper… View Article

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TokenStars Announces New ICO to Tokenize Celebrities’ Careers

The celebrity talent management industry is larger than many Fortune 500 companies and even many countries’ GDP (including EU countries), boasting over $40 billion in contracts under management. TokenStars’ new ICO aims to disrupt this market, which is currently dominated by a few key players, and share the newly-created value with community members. This is… View Article

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