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Category: Inside Bitcoins

Schweizer Crypto Fund AG Erhält Finma Bewilligung

Die Crypto Fund AG erhält die FINMA Bewilligung als Vertriebsträger für kollektive Kapitalanlagen und hat nun die Möglichkeit Fonds an qualifizierte Anleger zu vertreiben. Die Crypto Fund AG freut sich, als erstes Crypto Fonds Unternehmen der Schweiz diese Bewilligung zu erhalten. Mathias Maurer   « Alle Mitarbeiter der Crypto Fund AG verfügen über langjährige Erfahrung […]

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Binance CEO Reaffirms Hope in Crypto Market Despite Price Declines

Binance CEO, Founder, and Crypto Billionaire Changpeng Zhao reassured followers on June 9, 2018, that he’s not worried about the recent crypto price slides. Through a series of posted images, the industry giant demonstrated his belief that the crypto markets undergo the same pattern almost every year, followed by coinciding meteoric rises. The End of […]

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Coinmint To Invest $700 Million in Former NY Aluminium Plant

Coinmint has reached an agreement with the local authorities of Upstate New York’s Massena country. The New York Power Authority (NYPA) decided to support an initiative by NCDC, the Coinmint subsidiary North County Data Center, to open a bitcoin mining facility in the premises of the old aluminum smelting plant known as the Alcoa East Facility. This […]

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Bitcoin Price Trend in 2018 is Nearly Identical to Previous Movements

Some cryptocurrency community members believe that a piece of historical technical analysis indicates that Bitcoin’s price could be headed upwards real soon. Historical Technical Analysis Methods: Wyckoff Method According to a post put together by Reddit user, “CryptoPorto,” Bitcoin’s price could be mirroring the hypothetical chart of a strong price reversal. The chart which the […]

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CIA Doesn’t Deny Having Files on Bitcoin Creator Satoshi Nakamoto

The United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) may have files on Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious Bitcoin creator. There are also indications that the country’s National Security Agency (NSA) might know the real identity (or identities) of Satoshi Nakamoto. CIA Refuses to Comment The CIA has reportedly issued what is known as a “Glomar response” to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request from Daniel Oberhaus, a staff writer on Motherboard. According to Oberhaus, the CIA

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Car Companies Collaborate for the Sake of Blockchain Technology

While nobody has forgotten about cryptocurrencies, they are definitely taking a bit of a backseat as their underlying technology, the blockchain, comes more into focus. Many are realizing that this decentralized network that was introduced along with Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency, has use cases and value propositions that far exceed its role accounting for digital […]

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