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Ignite Engages Coinfirm to Boost AML Compliance During ICO

London, UK., 17th January – Ignite is pleased to announce its engagement with Coinfirm and its AML/CTF Platform. Coinfirm will ensure that Ignite will stay fully compliant with AML regulation during its ICO commencing at 18:00 UTC on 15th January. Who are Coinfirm? Coinfirm is a leading regulatory technology company with an objective to secure… View Article

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DASH and Litecoin Analysis January 15, 2018

DASH/USD DASH continues to drift around, bouncing from the $1000 level on Friday. The market looks a bit limp, and quite frankly I think you can take your time before jumping in with both feet. However, if you are a short-term trader, you may be able to trade back and forth. I think we will … Continue reading DASH and Litecoin Analysis January 15, 2018

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Ethereum Analysis January 15, 2018

ETH/USD Ethereum markets rally during the Friday session, as it looks like we are trying to break above the $1300 level again. With this bounce it looks likely that we will not only reach that level, but perhaps reach towards the fresh, new high. The volume is drifting a bit lower though, so I think … Continue reading Ethereum Analysis January 15, 2018

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$22,000 Bitcoin Price Point Pivotal as Bearish Patterns Emerge

The bitcoin price has held a sideways pattern over the last week, trying to push into the upward trend towards $22,000 USD. However, this sideways activity has allowed more bearish patterns to emerge, with a target of zero. Also read: Ripple Teams With Money Transfer Giant MoneyGram for Pilot Trial Join the Bitsonline Telegram channel to get the… View Article

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Meet The Decentralized Fundraising Platform DAOx Project

Blockchain technology has launched an irreversible process of radical changes  in  economics and finance. New opportunities have emerged for the development and increased efficiency of investment and fundraising. The first examples of implementing these options are ICOs. However, the appropriateness of the current approach has been questioned in recent time. In ICOs and crowdfunding, authors… View Article

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IBM, Comcast Corp. and MState Set to Boost Blockchain-Based Startups

By funding several Blockchain startups in 2018, International Business Machines Corp.(IBM), Comcast, and MState are teaming up to enable fintech startups in the coming year. The Big Blue, Comcast Blockchain Startups Acceleration IBM, Comcast, and MState are looking to give financial assistance to Blockchain startups from around the world over the next six months. These… View Article

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Certified 2011 Casascius Physical Bitcoin Sells for $28,700

A Casascius 1 BTC physical bitcoin today sold at auction for $28,700 USD, its new owner paying a premium of over $13,000 on its current (BTC) market value. The sale highlights bitcoin’s additional value as a collectable — both the physical coin itself and the “purity” of an unmoved, 2011-mined coin. Also read: NYC’s Rare Digital… View Article

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Guns Drawn, Shot Fired as Another Private Bitcoin Trade Goes Bad

An alleged argument over a reluctant face-to-face bitcoin trade led to a shot being fired in a central Milwaukee apartment, according to news reports. 28 year-old Jonathan Royce of Montana and convicted felon in North Dakota, was arrested shortly after. Also read: Angry Kraken Users Vent as Exchange Sleeps During Upgrade Join the Bitsonline Telegram channel to get… View Article

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#217 Andrew Trask: OpenMined – A Decentralised Artificial Intelligence Platform

A significant part of the modern digital economy, is underpinned by machine learning models that are trained to perform tasks such as facial recognition, content curation, health diagnostics etc. Data to train machine learning models is the essential commodity of this century – a sentiment captured by epithets such as “”Data is the new oil””…. View Article

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Bitcoin Cash Backers to Speak at ‘Satoshi’s Vision’ Conference in Tokyo

Developers and supporters of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) will gather in Tokyo from March 23-25th 2018 for the next “Satoshi’s Vision” conference. Confirmed speakers so far include keynote presenter Roger Ver, Bitcoin ABC lead developer Amaury Sechet, Bitcoin Unlimited’s Andrew Stone and Peter Rizun, Bitcoin XT’s Tom Harding, and CEO Ryan X. Charles. Also read: Automata Podcast:… View Article

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NAREIG Announces ICO Pre-Sale – First Real Estate Coupon Ethereum Token for Purchasing Properties

The North America Real Estate Investment Group (NAREIG) announces their upcoming token pre-sale that begins on January 16th, 2018. Seattle, WA, Jan 6, 2018 – NAREIG (North America Real Estate Investment Group), one of the leading real estate companies that helps Chinese high-net-worth buyers to invest overseas, is announcing its real estate coupon Ethereum Token… View Article

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