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Month: September 2017

How the ban of Bitcoin exchanges in China will affect the future of Bitcoin

Earlier this month, many Chinese crypto-exchanges, including ViaBTC, OKCoin and BTC China, announced their closure due to new regulations, sending the price of Bitcoin into a nose-dive. However, the price of Bitcoin quickly rebounded back to $4000 as quick as it fell. Major news sites are calling Bitcoin a fraud and warning of the dangers… View Article

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Gaming Company Nexon Purchases South Korean Bitcoin Exchange Korbit

Gaming organization Nexon has obtained a 65 percent stake in South Korean Bitcoin exchange Korbit for US$80 million at a valuation of over US$150 million, reports South Korea’s driving business news production Hankyung, refering to anonymous industry sources. Nexon, the biggest diversion designer in Korea, officially enters the virtual currency market with the procurement of… View Article

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