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Category: Inside Bitcoins

Save time, and generate profits with award-winning trading company Blue Trading

Trading is a skill set that requires a lot of preparation in order to consistently generate profits for yourself. You would have to study as much as 2500 hours worth of training, content, and practice. Additionally, think about all of the money you would spend while implementing flawed trading strategies, sleepless nights, angry spouse, and […]

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Cryptocurrency Funds on the Rise in 2018

According to Cryptofundresearch, cryptocurrency funds have been increasing since cryptocurrencies gained significant popularity in 2017. With Bitcoin’s rising prices and increased general awareness of the cryptocurrency industry, over 100 cryptocurrency funds emerged in 2017 alone. These cryptocurrency funds accounted for over 14 percent of the launch of new hedge funds. While this appears as a […]

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West Virginia’s Blockchain-Based Military Mobile Voting App Attracts Negative Attention

According to CNN, West Virginian soldiers residing overseas will become the first group in the US to test a blockchain-based voting smartphone application. The blockchain-based application should make it easier for overseas troops to participate in the upcoming November 2018 elections. A group of computer security experts has however expressed significant concerns about election integrity […]

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Status Partners with the Core Team Developing the Nim Programming Language

In an attempt to fortify the research efforts for Nimbus, a Nim implementation of a sharing client for Ethereum, the mobile dApp browsing provider company has teamed up with the brain behind the Nim on August 7, 2018. Establishing new Roles This partnership will mutually help both companies to spread their wings in respective […]

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McAfee-Backed “Unhackable” BitFi Wallet Hacked to Run P.C. Game

Security researchers have successfully modified BitFi’s hardware wallet and provided a demonstration of the device running Doom. BitFi’s response? “Prove it.” Security researchers are arranging a demonstration this weekend proving BitFi’s wallets can be hacked. Unhackable? Not So Much BitFi launched their hardware wallet in June as a way for cryptocurrency users to secure their […]

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Plasma and Plasma Cash: The Future of Scaling and Security

In March of 2018 Vitalik Buterin introduced Plasma and Plasma Cash as a solution to some of the largest difficulties facing blockchain technology Scaling, security, and verification have long plagued the emerging field of blockchain technology and cast doubt into the minds of potential investors. In 2017, document describing the upgrade came online entitled Plasma: […]

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Dipping a Toe or Diving in: Big Business and Blockchain

Major corporations are stepping off of the blockchain train, which has some believing that this means the end of the love affair between major corporations and distributed ledger technology. This year will see the end of several blockchain companies, while other projects are walking back their anticipation for blockchain’s power to revolutionize their businesses. Raising […]

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Current Bitcoin Price is ‘Just a Normal Correction,’ Claims Brian Kelly

Having plunged roughly 7 percent throughout the week, Bitcoin (BTC) 00 is experiencing a “minor correction,” according to permabull Brian Kelly — who identifies the establishment of a regulated cryptocurrency exchange and secure custodial services as potential triggers for a major breakout. ‘It’s Just a Normal Correction’ Bitcoin has taken a serious hit throughout the […]

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Hungry for Blockchain: Companies Big and Small Tackle Transparency in the Food Industry

As more attention is placed on food quality, organic products, and the avoidance of genetically modified foods, consumers are demanding a way to know where their food is coming from and how it is treated and handled before it reaches their tables. Fortunately, traceability and transparency are two things blockchain technology is equipped to deliver. […]

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