Early Bitcoin Adopters Say XRP Price Is Closer to $10 Than You Think – Here’s Why

A Bitcoin adopter has outlined the various achievements of XRP, predicting a significant increase in the price of the cryptocurrency that could bring it closer to the $10 mark.

Bitcoin OG announces $10 XRP in sight

In a X (formerly Twitter), Bitcoin OG, Lucky predicted that the value of XRP could appreciate considerably, approaching the $10 mark. He said he has been observing the operations and situation of the XRP ecosystem since July. He also expressed his admiration for the XRP team, highlighting the strength and commitment the team has shown during its long legal battle with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SECOND).

Lucky praised the XRP team for their efforts to remain strictly committed to the growth and health of their community. He mentioned many of the achievements made by XRP in recent months including multiple partnerships and the integration of XRP Payments with renowned crypto exchanges like Bit stamp and Bitso.

He stated several ongoing expansion projects in the XRP ecosystem, including XRP utilities integrated into the XRP ecosystem. XRP Ledger as well as the increased user base for XRP Xumm wallet.

“With more and more developments and projects like the Xumm Wallet steadily flowing into the XRP Ledger and gaining over 600,000 users in 3 months, $XRP will grow massively,” said Lucky.

Total crypto market cap currently at $1.2 trillion. Chart: TradingView.com

Drawing attention to all recent developments in the XRP Network Lucky said that XRP is on the path to explosive growth and he believes that the price of the cryptocurrency is already reaching the $1 or $10 mark.

“If I’m honest, I would say the $XRP price is not as far away from $1 or $10 as we think, given current developments in the ecosystem,” Lucky said.

Whales Move Over 55 Million XRP to Crypto Exchanges

Whale Alert, a leading blockchain tracking and analysis system known for flagging large crypto transactions, has released new data showing deep-pocketed crypto investors moving millions of XRP tokens from unknown wallets to two major crypto exchanges .

Whale Alert disclosed two major XRP transactions on Friday for Bit stamp And Name. A transaction showed a XRP Whale transfer 27,000,000 XRP tokens worth $14,879,092 to Bitstamp. Another transaction revealed that $28,500,000 worth $15,704,941 was transferred to Bitso.

These large-scale transactions have sparked mixed reactions within the XRP community. XRP price has shown a tendency to react based on the actions of prominent cryptocurrency whales.

Although the identity of whales remains a mystery, the crypto community is closely monitoring the possible motivations behind these large transactions and how they could impact the broader XRP market.


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