Kiyosaki, author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” finally explains why he owns Bitcoin (BTC)

Famous author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”. Robert Kiyosakirevealed the reason for its significant investment in Bitcoin (BTC)positioning it as the ultimate safeguard against the erosion of wealth orchestrated by traditional financial institutions.

In a recent revelation, Kiyosaki claimed that Bitcoin serves as a crucial defence mechanism against systematic wealth theft orchestrated by entities such as the Federal Reserve, Treasury, and Wall Street bankers. The author argues that these institutions exploit the value of traditional money through inflation, taxation, and stock price manipulation.

Therefore, Kiyosaki chose to eschew conventional investment vehicles such as stocks, bonds, and fiat currency in favour of Bitcoin’s decentralized and inflation-resistant qualities.

While Kiyosaki had previously expressed reservations about the intrinsic value of Bitcoin, he now places it alongside gold and silver as indispensable financial tools. Although he recognizes the volatility of cryptocurrency, he views Bitcoin not just as a speculative venture, but as a true store of value.

1 million dollars worth of bitcoins

Kiyosaki’s optimism extends to ambitious price predictions, predicting a rise to $120,000 this year and half a million dollars per BTC by 2025. In the event of a global economic downturn, he speculates that the value of Bitcoin could potentially skyrocket to an unprecedented $1 million…

The financial guru’s endorsement BTC highlights a paradigm shift in its investment strategy, highlighting the growing importance of cryptocurrencies as a formidable asset class.

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