Top Tech News Today: ChatGPT Code Reveals Data Secrets. Bitcoin surges, other crypto delays

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Activating the power of data by revealing secrets and revealing insights, ChatGPT’s innovative code

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What’s new today: Vahan hires 4 Lakh workers across 200 cities for festive season

Accelerated information: Bitcoin surges, other crypto delays

In a first-of-its-kind demonstration, researchers played with ChatGPT and five other commercial AI tools to create malicious code that could erase important data, leak private information from online databases or interfere with cloud database services. Companies like Baidu and OpenAI, which make some AI tools, have already changed their operations following efforts to prevent malicious individuals from abusing their weaknesses. Xutan Peng, who co-led the study at the University of Sheffield in the UK, said: “This is the first-ever study to demonstrate that vulnerabilities in large language models can be exploited as an attack route against online business applications. »

Vahan, a platform that hires delivery partners, recently revealed that it has deployed over 4 lakh delivery people across 200 Indian cities, including some tier 3 and tier 1 cities. The brand made this statement just before the holidays, when Most brands will hold their special sales for the festival. With this move by the company, Vahan is now India’s largest delivery recruitment platform for companies like Uber, Zepto, Amazon, Flipkart, Rapido, Swiggy and Zomato, to name a few. some.

Tuesday, Qualcomm has provided details on a chip designed for Microsoft’s Windows laptops. The company claimed that this chip, called Snapdragon Elite X, would outperform Apple’s Mac computer chips in certain tasks. The redesigned Snapdragon Elite X chip, which should be available in laptops next year, is optimized for handling. artificial intelligence (AI) tasks, including tasks like email summarization, text generation, and image creation. These AI capabilities will also be integrated into Qualcomm smartphone chips Google and Meta planning to exploit them. Learn more

Although the price of Bitcoin temporarily exceeded $35,000 this week and some analysts believe that increased participation from small investors could be positive for the market in the future, the cryptocurrency’s gain has not benefited the stay. According to André Dragosch, head of research at Deutsche Digital Assets, trading in response to reports of a possible approval of a spot Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) accelerated, sending the price above of $30,000 and chasing shorts. Over the past three days, the short squeeze has resulted in the liquidation of more than $250 million in short bets, according to Coinglass statistics. Simultaneously, the Bitcoin Dominance Index (BDI), which measures Bitcoin’s share of the entire cryptocurrency market, reached levels not seen since April 2021.


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