Trac Core Launches Bitcoin Indexing Technology

Trac Core has announced the release of Trac Core for TAP Protocol, a decentralized data indexing solution designed for Bitcoin. The new technology allows developers to easily set up indexing nodes and join Trac’s peer-to-peer indexing network.

The Trac Indexing Network brings together indexers who commit data to the network and validators who verify accuracy, facilitating secure and validated indexing of Bitcoin data. This forms the basis for creating innovative applications and protocols on Bitcoin.

Trac Core uses an efficient approach leveraging NodeJS and runs on low-power devices, allowing multiple protocol instances per machine. Alex Philippine, chief strategy officer of Trac Systems, says the goal is to continue serving the Bitcoin community by enabling secure listing and indexing.

The initial version of the TAP protocol focuses on ordinal tokens. Upcoming phases during 2024 will introduce additional features such as Bitmap Plots, Ordinals, Wallets and Doginals. Trac Core aims to set a new standard for decentralized indexing protocols with efficiency and security.

The technology is now immediately available to developers and projects looking to remove complex overheads from Bitcoin infrastructure. Trac Core allows teams to focus on innovation by simplifying setup and operations.


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